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Private Events

Food Truck Catering Menu

This menu is for private events only. IT IS NOT THE PUBLIC MENU!

Packages come with all serving and dining utensils required. Base pizzas start at $11 per person. Please choose up to 4 pizzas. We add the classic cheese as the 5th option. Upcharges for choices listed below apply to all pizza choices when chosen as an option.

Included in all packages; Cutlery, napkins, pizza boxes, plastic plates, all required serving utensils. Condiments Included in all packages; grana, salt, pepper, chile flakes


Base Pizza Package

These are 10” pizzas cut into 4 slices each. They are intended to serve one person each.

Pasta: (add on price per choice) Must be ordered in minimum of 35 portions per choice.


Wood Roasted Veg
Classic Cheese
Vegetali ($1 up charge per person)
White Anchovies
Smoked Salmon ($1 up charge per person)
Chicken Pesto ($2 up charge per person)
Italian Ham
Margherita D.O.P ($1 up charge per person)
Sausage & Peppers
Fungi ($1 up charge per person)


Salads (add $5 per person) Must be ordered in minimum of 35 portions per choice

Pazza Chop
Wood Roasted Beets


Strozzapreti Palamino ($5 per person)
Gemelli Fungi ($6 per person)
Rigatoni Bolognese ($6 per person)
Rigatoni Marinara ($5 per person)

Small Plates: (add on price per choice) Must be ordered in minimums of 35 portions each

Sweet Potato ($4 per person)
Caprese ($6 per person)
Meatballs ($6 per person)
Wings ($7 per person)
Heirloom Carrots ($5 per person)


Dessert: (add on price per choice)

Gelato/Sorbetto ($4 per person)
Tiramisu ($5 per person)

Beverages: ($2 per person)

Coke, Diet Coke, San Pellegrino Sodas & Water

Serving Ware Rental: (each)

Chafing Dish $10
Salad Bowls $5
Heat lamp